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Trash Pickup

Waste Management
Phone: 800-796-9696

Weekly Trash pickup on Thursdays
(Major Holiday Collection Delayed 1 day)

Recycling every other Thursday
Additional recycling bins $6.00 ea.
& available @ Township Hall.

Yard Waste pick-up April - November

Dump permits available @ Township

Mosquito Control

APM Mosquito Control is currently mapping out the township for the upcoming mosquito season. They may leave paperwork at your home requesting information or permission to enter your property throughout the season.

Please direct any questions you have to APM at (810) 766-9423 or (877) 276-4714.

Clink on links below to access Call and/or Shut Off (no spray or contact me when spraying) form or Grant Access (your house is more than 150 feet from road and you have more than 1 acre) Please return all forms to APM:

Mail to: APM  4136 Holiday Dr. Flint, MI 48507

Fax: 810-766-9468

E-mail to:

Water & Sewer

Billed Quarterly
March, June, September, December

Turn off/on request call Township Hall
Ph. 989-271-6300

Tap-in fees paid to
Gen. Co. Water & Waste
4610 Beecher Rd. Flint, MI 48532
Ph. 810-732-7870

Recycling Information

Recycling is available through Waste Mangement. Please use the following links for guidelines and pick up dates. If you have any further questions, please call Waste Management at 1-800-7WM-WMWM (796-9696).

Recycle Schedule Map

2017 Recycling Schedule Calendar

 Recycle list of Items